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With rails given the form of a full radius, both at the front and at the rear side attached to poles, Selvi is a special application that is given the form of an arch.

Selvi has two separate stream profiles, both at the front and at the rear, that function independently and water drainage requirement that appears as a result of the arch structure is provided equally from each side.

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Method of Use

Selvi is an elegant design which you can comfortably use both in personal and commercial areas.

Thanks to its independent structural properties, Selvi is a perfect solution to convert all of your outdoor areas into elegant living areas.

Since in each direction there is no need for additional inclination, visually, Selvi provides a spacious and roomy area of use.

The contribution ceiling structure with radius to feeling of depth would give you an unparalleled joy.

When you combine the places that you will establish with Oxia with guillotine windows, folding glass and sliding glass systems, you will have a unique place, which you can use both during winter and summer times.

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