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“Classic Pergola” Series

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Pino allows mounting on the wall or the ceiling of your current area with the use of special steel hanger parts that are connected over the bearer rail profiles of pergola, without the need of any pole support at the front side.

The aluminum stream profile that is placed in horizontal direction with respect to the product collects the flowing water via the inclination and then transfers it outside from special chain drainage.

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Method of Use

Especially in those limited areas where placing a pole support is not possible, Pino is presented to you as a unique and elegant solution.

In the Pino model, since there are no stiles for the discharge of water, the drain of water is possible only by the chains that will be tied next to the stream or free fall of the water.

Pino can be manufactured and used in the way of a single module or, by bringing together more than one pergola in the desired direction; it can be used as a multiplex as well.

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