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Cedrus, while getting support from the aluminium poles located at the front section of the pergola, at the rear section, with the help of special output flange plates and steel support structure, it provides an opportunity to mount areas like “wall” or “ceiling”.

On the frontal pole, the aluminium valley profile, which is place in a horizontal direction with respect to the product, collects the flowing water with use of the inclination and transfers it to outside via its special water drainage.

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Method of Use

Cedrus, has an elegant and strong design that you can very comfortably use both in commercial and personal areas.

In assembly, with both the availability of mounting both on the “wall” and on the “ceiling” and low level of cost per meter-square, as an affordable and elegant product, it will serve you for many years.

Cedrus can be manufactured and used in the way of a single module or, by bringing together more than one pergola in the desired direction; it can be used as a multiplex as well.

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